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What is difference between MVC, MVP and MVVM?

Introduction When it comes to the decision where you need to choose your macro-architectural pattern for your application, then it usually ends by choosing one of the three most popular: Model View Controller (MVC) Model View Presenter (MVP) Model…

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Factory Method pattern

Introduction The Factory Method pattern is one the most used design patterns. It is creational type of design pattern, so it is one of the best ways to create objects in any programming language. We will implement this pattern…

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How and when to use Builder pattern?

Introduction The Builder Pattern is creational design pattern that encapsulate the construction of a product and allow it to be constructed in steps. I like to use Builder design pattern when an object has too many parameters. This pattern is…

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Template Method Pattern

Introduction The template method pattern is behavioral design pattern that defines the steps for an algorithm and allows sub-classes to provide custom implementation for one or more steps. This design pattern helps us to maximize the code re-usability. General…

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How to minimize your dependency on third party libraries?

Introduction I guess that you are in a similar situation as me, that most projects that you are working on are dealing with third-party libraries.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel since external libraries are usually well tested and…