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Work from home is not remote work

Work from home is not the same as remote work. That statement comes from someone he is working remotely for 8 years since I started doing first paid projects. I am writing this article since I think that a lot of people will get the wrong understanding of remote work in the current pandemic situation.

The current situation forces a lot of people to work from home for the first time. I get the feeling that a lot of people now are thinking that doing work from the home is the remote work, but it is not. Those are two different paradigms.

What is work from home?

Work from home paradigm is that you get some time to do work in your home, but not in the office. For example, if your company has one day per week or month to work from the home, just for a change, or just to do some home activity that you need to do like plumber work for example.

So, your company still uses primarily regular office work, but to do some personal things you might get some opportunity from time to time to do work in your home. In the best case, your company has one day per week or month to do work from home. You do have some flexibility, but still, you can not go for that sailing trip that you are looking for some time since your company does not allow you to work from there. Anyway, this is a quite good benefit since it gives you some flexibility and it is better since still, most companies do not allow this.

What is remote work?

The remote work paradigm is doing work from anywhere. You have freedom from your company to do work in any location that fits best your current needs. That work might be from the home but is not limited to that. You can do work from your local coffee shop, coworking, restaurant, from the beach, from another city while traveling, or while doing that sailing trip form the above or actually from anywhere.

Your company wants value, they do not care where you do the work. So, this means that your company supports remote work at any location, while still you also might do work in the office if you want. You have the freedom to choose. Freedom and flexibility are the reasons why remote work will become even more popular. People want freedom and flexibility. 

Usually, it is not so stressful 

I also want to note that working from the home is not usually so hard like it is in the current situation due to pandemic. The current situation is a way more stressful and way harder to focus since you might have a lot of obstacles like health issues, dealing with family and friends while doing work, and so on.

Usually, doing remote work from anywhere (including home) if done right might be very rewarding, since you will have flexibility and freedom in your hands. But still, it is not for everyone, you will need to be a self-organized, self-driven, and proactive communicator.

I might write a few more things about being productive while doing remote work, but that might be another post in the future.


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